Mission Statment

The overall purpose of this ministry is to carry out the Great Commission found in Matthew 28:19-20, through radio broadcasting, internet cybercasting, and distribution of Christian literatureof the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The word "broadcast" is an agricultural term that means to scatter seed indiscriminately over a wide area. It is our joy and privilege to make the Gospel available to anyone and everyone who chooses to listen over the radio or the internet.

We seek the salvation of souls, the baptism of believers, and the growth and nurturing of Christians. We understand that in America most listeners are already Christians. Therefore, we focus on motivating our listeners to actively pursue the lost, and to live out their faith on a daily basis, through KJV Bible preaching and teaching, and Old Time Gospel Music.

We further seek to provide interesting, informative, and entertaining programming that will offer Christians an alternative to secular and worldly entertainment. As a communication vehicle, we seek to promote better fellowship between believers.

Lastly, we seek to praise the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, and intercede in prayer for our listeners, our nation, and other ministries who are striving to reach the world for Christ.

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The Key Objectives of this Ministry Are: